Board and training help

I seldom post anything in my status but I have to today. I had the absolute best ride ever today on Abbey (the Arabian mare I received after Arabian Rescue Mission purchased her from the New Holland Auction October 2010). . . I have to thank Patricia German and Francis Audet (Northern Lights Equine, Smiths Falls, ON) because without them and their quiet ways, I never would have found the sweet girl hiding under all that bluster. To see her now, it is hard to believe that this is the same horse that came to me 17 months ago. I was ready to give up on her a few times but Tricia urged me to keep trying. Thank you sooo much Tricia, I believe you now when you say that she will be a great horse for me.  SC

I am so happy my baby boy is coming along GREAT! I can ride Gizmo. . . my horse. He is doing so well in training:) 🙂 AD

Gizmo was such a good boy today. He has only been at Northern Lights Equine for three weeks and he has learned so much! I am no longer afraid of him running over me or pushing through me – he has manners now. I love how much he is coming along... AD


Well, I love watching big changes happen and I got two tonight. Thank you, Francis and Patricia German. Slick and Fergus thank you as well. Both horses were so soft and relaxed; it was crazy to watch them. Slick cantered to the right without throwing his head and 4 beating; his eyes were not buggy and his back jiggled as he worked. Fergus was relaxed from the moment Melissa got on. Normally he doesn't want her to sit right away and hollows, but tonight his head and neck were relaxed, he barely sweated, he let her use the stiff brush on his neck.

Awesome job. Anyone out there that needs a horse or human repaired, call them!  Francis does deep tissue and also manipulations of the bones. Slick had his sternum out of alignment, which would, of course, set off his ribs and back. He has always had a very cold back, been bugged eyed and suspicious. Gus has hips, neck and shoulder issues. Francis is like a physio, but goes further, and can really help a horse maintain any chiro adjustments. . . DB

He's also good on people — speaking from experience! CF

Hi Patricia. The quarter horse’s shoulder is almost back to normal; the muscle is flabby and relaxed again – way better range of movement. . . . and she is for the most part, sound. Really happy with what you and Francis did with her. Thank you!  DM

Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!! Fergus was so calm + relaxed tonight. He was like a school pony! After 30 minutes of Dressage, where he is usually soaked from nerves, he didn’t have a drop of sweat on him!! Not even on his neck were he sweats standing still!!  Francis worked WONDERS on that horse!!  I want this miracle to stay as long as possible =] MB

Training and Bodywork

Trust has been restored after coming to us with displaced ribs and a twisted sternum, and much pain. Patience and understanding – and treatments from Francis and our equine chiropractor, and from her owner – have finally paid off. This very sweet mare will be a wonderful companion for her owner!

"This is so wonderful to see! I know how much time & patience you have put into Cat's recovery. This is wonderful! Her Mom must be so proud!!" LM

It is all thanks to Trish and Francis....I had little to do with it, but I have the fun of reaping the benefits. They are truly kind, patient and gifted trainers, and I am so grateful to have found them. CB

Training and Seminars

Today was a day I never really thought would happen. With the wonderful help of Patricia German & Frances Audet of Northern Lights Equine, Bentley was backed for the first time today...by me. A first for me, too. …. So very strange but exciting looking down at him from that position! What a good, big boy! Thanks for being good to me & Bent. Thank you once again to Patricia & Francis!! xo LJM

My little Arab is such a good boy. He's learned so much & grown up so much in the last month+ he has been at Northern Lights...I'm so proud of him! Thank you again to Patricia German, Francis Audet & Northern Lights Equine in Smiths Falls for being the missing piece to me finally getting him started!! YAY! What a perfect process for doing it in such a way that builds our relationship, and gives both of us confidence! Perfect!! It's a total first for me! I'm just used to doing ground work & prepping horses for backing (like Willy & Dee)--not being part of the process proper! Kinda cool & scary too! Fun & strange as well!! LJM

Horsemastership Clinic, 2-3 June 2012

Hi Patricia:

I want to tell you again how much I enjoyed your clinic.  Everyone at Northern Lights is so friendly and helpful.  I can't remember a clinic where I felt so welcome and comfortable.  I hope everything went well with Moriah today.  You and Francis have more patience with horses and people than I have ever seen.  You are humble, wonderful people and you have boosted my confidence.  Please keep me in mind for future clinics or activities that you might think I'd be interested in. Gratefully, SJ

Had a blast Patricia. I am just going out to play with my boy now… Thanks for the fun weekend!  The atmosphere at your facility is one of the best. Making very beautiful, happy horses who are blessed to have picked you to be there owners and caregivers…. Hope to keep in touch. SD

Sunday Seminar Series

Hi Francis and Patricia,

Just wanted to let you know that my brother and my sister, as well as myself, really enjoyed the seminar day on Ground Manners.  I found it to be a good refresher course, and also, got some new insight into horse behaviour, and training techniques...If your farm was less than the two hour drive away, I'd certainly be there to go through all your instruction events. I felt totally at ease asking any questions I had, and my five hour Sunday flew by too quickly...I do enjoy being  with horse instructors that use a positive caring approach with their horses, as you and Francis have down pat... good luck with your Northern Lights Equine farm...my only wish is, your farm was here in Western Quebec !  Thanks for making our day delightful. DM