Riding Lessons

This is what proper riding and good training can do for your horse - start of session and 25 minutes later!

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Start of session

After 25 minutes Spirit20150321

25 minutes later



Empower your riding!

Green horse tinyLearn techniques and skills that enhance your horse’s performance potential and your enjoyment.

Green horse tinyBuild a relationship of trust and respect, both on the ground and in the saddle.

Green horse tinyKnow how your horse reacts to your mind and emotional state.

Green horse tinyUnderstand how your horse’s body reacts to your body in the saddle.

Green horse tinyLearn how to use your seat and back to enable your horse to move in a balanced and healthy way.

Green horse tinyKeep your horse fit and healthy for longer.

Green horse tinyLearn on your horse or use one of ours.

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Green horse tinySemi Private

We have instructors available for your skill level.

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