Our Services

Experience what a great relationship with your horse feels like and learn how to maintain that trust and respect. Bring your horse to Northern Lights Equine  to board your horse, or  train/retrain your horse,  or get help to establish a healthier, happier relationship with your horse. Every horse and owner receives individualized attention according to their needs.


Lessons - Private or semi private

Training - Horse and rider to be a team

Confidence building – Horse and rider

Problem solving - Helping horses and riders return to a state of harmony and trust

Saddle Fit - Port Lewis Saddle Fit System.  If your saddle does not fit it is costly to change it or have it adjusted. You do not have to change your saddle......  read more

Starting horses

Seminars and clinics

Convalescent Care

Soreness assessment and treatment

Emotional assessment and treatment

Bodywork  Treatments for horse and/or rider, using osteopathic techniques

Leasing – call for availability

Pre-purchase assessments - call for availability


Visit us and see what we can do for you and your horse.

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