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“Saddle fit can not be accurately determined on a stationary horse, the horse must be moving with a rider in the saddle.”

Do you buy shoes that you have not walked in – at least in the store? Putting weight in the shoe and walking in it reveal pressure points that you do not feel when you are sitting down. The same thing happens with a saddle – with no weight and no movement, the saddle seems to fit perfectly. Put weight in the saddle and start riding, and the pressure points show up. The Port Lewis Saddle Fit System is the ONLY system available on the market that can show you where the pressure points are that will hurt your horse and affect his ability to perform.


Saddle slipping to the right

Saddle slipping to the right

If your saddle does not fit it is costly to change it or have it adjusted. You do not have to change your saddle, or have your saddle adjusted – get a custom made saddle pad that eliminates these pressure points. This saddle pad can be refitted as often as you want, for much less cost than having your saddle adjusted, or buying a new saddle.

Saddles are tested for fit on the horse, while it is standing still and you are standing beside it. When you are mounted and the horse is in motion, the saddle moves with you and the horse. This is when the problems start, and it is virtually impossible to determine from the ground, what is wrong with the fit.

The Port Lewis Saddle Fit System lets you know and understand how your saddle, with you in it, is affecting your horse’s back.

An Impression Pad is placed under your saddle and you are asked to ride for about 20 minutes. The Impression Pad then shows, very clearly, where the saddle is applying unequal pressure to the horse’s back. A  Custom Correction Pad is created, placed on the Impression Pad, and the ride continues for another 20 minutes or so. When the Impression Pad is examined after the second ride, the pressure points are gone.


These corrections are then recorded and a custom made pad is ordered for your horse and saddle.

This Custom Correction Pad can be altered at any time by repeating the ride process with the Impression Pad.

The initial Custom Correction Pad is $299 plus shipping and tax. My visit to test the saddle and create the custom pad is $60 plus a small barn call. Repeat testing does not need a complete Correction Pad.

This is a revolutionary system designed to be inexpensive and effective.

Give me a call or send me an email to set up an appointment to have your saddle fit tested.

Northern Lights Equine is a dealer/distributor for The Port Lewis Saddle Fit System. Protect your horse's back from saddles that do not fit correctly or need adjustment. Custom made Corrective Saddle Pads.

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