+Q: I just want to enjoy the joyous pleasure of riding – is it too late?


   A:  Never too late! Our approach will help you build confidence and trust, so that you can enjoy riding.




+Q: Why won’t my horse listen to me?


   A:  We can help with solving your horse’s listening skills.


+Q: My horse won’t load. How can NLE help?


   A:  We can help with your horse’s loading problems.




+Q: Finally! It’s time for my horse to go to school! My horse is finally old enough to ride. I want to ensure he learns in an environment similar to his own stable – lots of love and assurances. What method does NLE use for training unschooled horses?


   A:  We use methods that are resistance free and trust based. We do demand that the horse have proper manners, as proper manners are the foundation of a great relationship with the rider.


+Q: Canadian winters are too long, cold and icy: I need a place with an indoor arena so that I can ride all winter.


   A:  We have a beautiful indoor arena with state of the art, dust-free footing. It is also protected from the north and west winds, so it is quite pleasant in the winter.





+Q: Do you book the arena at certain times for lessons?


   A:    Occasionally. We try to schedule lessons during the hours that are not popular with the boarders.


+Q: Do you have group lessons?


   A:    Yes, we will arrange group lessons.


+Q: Do you blanket horses during the winter and during inclement weather?


   A:    Yes we will, provided the owner supplies the blankets.




+Q: I’m looking for a “friends-forever” horse. Will you help me?


   A:    Yes, we can help with a rider assessment of needs and abilities, and help with assessments of potential horses.


+Q: My horse seems “off” but the vet can’t find anything wrong. What are other possible issues? Can you – or one of your professional associates – look at her?


   A:    We can assess the horse, the rider and the horse-rider combination for soreness and emotional issues. We will treat the horse within our expertise, or recommend an alternate practitioner if necessary.