About Us

Patricia’s connection with horses started the same way many women’s do – as a dream while still a young girl. Over the years, this dream has developed into a reality and become a driving force in her life.

Francis developed a passion for working with people, dogs and horses. His goal: to eliminate body pain using non-invasive techniques. His study in Osteopathy has helped many people and horses and dogs regain function in painful areas by releasing built up physical tension in the body.

Patricia and Francis have developed a highly synergistic team. Together they can assess a horse, a person and a horse-rider pairing, to help them improve their mutual trust and respect. For the horse and rider, this means significantly increased confidence – and, therefore, enjoyment.

Together, they help heal the rift that has caused lost harmony between a horse and its rider.



Study and Action: Patricia and Francis have studied with or attended clinics, seminars, and demonstrations of many internationally acclaimed horsemen and women over the years, in addition to reading extensively on the topic when not able to attend a clinic or seminar by a particular expert. The road to learning and improving life for your horse never ends. Patricia and Francis continue to study, to widen their understanding of horses and how to keep them happy and fit, and to improve the relationship between horse and rider.

Patricia and Francis moved to the Smiths Falls region in July 2010, to a facility which is very suited to educating and re-educating horses and their owners/riders. Their stable has room for boarders, especially for people who want to enjoy their horses and develop a trusting relationship with their equine partner.