Please and Thank You

Published on January 29, 2015

The importance of Please and Thank You, especially while riding a horse.

Although the words “Please” and “Thank You” seem to be disappearing from our collective vocabulary, along with the sentiment that accompanies these words, they are, nevertheless, extremely important.

These three little words demonstrate an attitude toward life in general. When these words are spoken softly, to ask for something, or to appreciate the help or compliance of someone, they are used with grace, and are seen as real and true. If they are spoken harshly, then they are used in a cynical or sarcastic manner and show the speaker’s need for acceptance or dominance.

Both people and horses know the difference. People respond when asked to do something instead of being told to do something. So do horses. People want to feel appreciated and not taken for granted. So do horses.

When we approach our horses with Please in mind, then we ask softly and quietly, something that horses understand. When we say Thank You to our horses, by truly appreciating their willingness to do our bidding, the horses understand.

This attitude demonstrated by please and thank you, by asking softly and by stopping the ‘ask’ (thank you) when the horse responds, creates a soft and willing partner, and carries over into our daily lives and our rides.

Thank you for reading.

I know I am a good boy! I will let you love me a lot.

I know I am a good boy! I will let you love me a lot.

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