Black Jack Smarter than Electrician

Published on September 11, 2013

Black JackHow many of us truly appreciate the wisdom and intuitiveness of horses?

Not all horses have the ability to communicate well with humans; not a1l humans have the ability to communicate well with each other!

And, of course, who of us listens – really listens – to what our equine companions are telling us?

It was winter when we moved into our farmette. Not much land, the house was disastrous, but the barn was wonderful: rebuilt from old barn boards, it had a rustic quality with large stalls, wide aisles, and a great hayloft. The previous owner was a handy man, but NOT an electrician!

When I turned on the lights in our “new” barn, there was a tingling sensation. I contacted our electrician who came out, determined that the barn had been wired backwards and that it had to be redone. He switched off the problem circuits at the mains.

The next evening after work, I went to put the horses in, but they were running around as if a pack of coyotes were chasing them.

Except for Jack: he just looked at me and he looked at the barn.

I went to get him, but he wouldn’t budge. If a Percheron doesn’t want to move, there is little one can do.

I went back to the barn, tidied and cleaned a bit, then went back outside – the other horses were still running around and Jack was standing stock still looking at the barn. He wouldn’t budge.

The third time I tried to bring him in, he looked straight into my eyes, then slowly turned his gaze to the barn. I followed his gaze: within a few seconds, a blue arc travelled along the electric wire. The electrician had NOT turned off all incorrectly wired circuits and the wire was shorting! I went into the barn, turned off that switch at the mains then walked to the barn door and told Jack it was safe to come in. He was ten meters away, but he understood and calmly walked in to the barn and his stall.

If Jack hadn’t “told” me, the horses could have been destroyed in a barn fire that night.

I love my beautiful, intelligent black Percheron.

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