Published on August 16, 2013

There is Just Something About MollyMolly with-prosthetic-leg_Pam Kaster

Do we humans really understand the compassion and intellect of our equine companions? Here is a story about a pony named Molly who faced death more than once, overcame debilitating injuries, and underwent major amputee surgery. She then became a volunteer visitor at children’s hospitals and camps for kids with cancer. Molly has become a national celebrity.

Have you heard about Molly? Briefly, here is her story.

Trapped in a barn, 11-hand high Molly missed death by inches when a tree crashed into her stall during Hurricane Katrina. Rescued by volunteers, Molly was kept with 20 other ponies in a safe environment – safe until another rescued animal, a dog suffering from severe post-Katrina anxiety viciously attacked Molly when the owners were briefly off their property. The dog mauled all four of Molly’s legs rendering her unable to run away. He then slashed open her stomach. He was attacking Molly’s jaw when the owner returned. A vet and several helpers rushed to Molly’s aid. Everything healed but one leg – the leg was so savagely mangled, that Molly could not walk or bear weight on it. Clever little pony that she is, Molly began to walk on three legs and found suitable places to lie down and help her get up.

Unfortunately, Molly’s leg had been so severely damaged that it had to be amputated. Everyone thought that Molly should be “put down”. Everyone, that is but her owner – and Molly, of course, who sends out “zingers”, picture thoughts of what she is trying to convey to her human friends. Molly’s owner was certain that Molly told  her she wanted to survive. Together, they convinced their local vet and the veterinarian surgeons at Louisiana State University (LSU) that Molly wanted to live and would survive.

Several wonderful things happened: the LSU veterinarian team did a superb job on Molly’s leg, Jill Starr from Lifesavers Wild Horse Rescue donated half the money to finance Molly’s operation and Dwyane Mara* has made several prosthetic legs for Molly.

smiley face in snow_Washington Post Smiley face_Kate Harris


Molly’s favorite? The one with the smiley face on the bottom!


Molly learned to walk with – and without – her prosthetic (her fake leg). Then Molly sent her owner another zinger. Molly “told” her that she had a mission: she wanted to become a volunteer at a children’s hospital. She wanted to visit children who, like her, were not quite "normal". She wanted to show them that if she could do it – and still enjoy life – so could they!

Molly2_Barcroft Media

Molly has become a national celebrity and has been interviewed by several newspapers both in the US and abroad. She is now quite the traveller, is a beloved volunteer at children’s hospitals, schools, retirement communities, as well as a therapeutic riding center in Texas and a camp for kids with cancer.

There are books about Molly, newspaper articles, and videos.

Molly even has her own website:  Check it out!

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Photos thanks to Pam Kaster, Washington Post, Kate Harris and Barcroft Media


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