Reclaim the Dream: Heal Lost Trust: Ride with Joy

 The buck stops here: re-establish trust and enjoy your horse again

If our horses could talk, they would tell you that living here at Northern Lights Equine is the best thing that ever happened to them.

“It’s safe. There is a great group of quadrupeds here. We have a lot of room to run – even a small hill to run up & down – shade to get out of the sun, shelter to protect us from the wind and lots of grass.

The bipeds are kind. They always have a quiet voice and gentle hand. And sometimes in those gentle hands are treats – like carrots or apples. We always have plenty to eat, and we each have our own private dining room.”

Well, actually the horses can talk – they have their own language. Once you learn their language, BE AMAZED at the joy of communicating with your horse.

Can YOU speak horse?

If not, would you like to learn how?

We not only teach you how to speak horse, we also help you and your horse enjoy your time together.

Looking for help with your horse?  Contact us to find out how we can help.